When you buy a brand new printer and the initial step to setup hp printer that printer nicely for the print job. Search hp envy 5055 all-in-one printer first-time setup steps are mentioned below.

Setup and connect hp envy 5055 printer with the laptop, computer, smartphone, tablet, and mac. Therefore, several types of setting up printer applications. But further-some, the steps are only about setup wireless printer in windows and mac.

How do I set up my hp envy 5055 wireless printers in windows 10

Follow the technical steps mentioned below and set up a hp envy printer on windows 7, windows 10, or any other operating version.

  1. Click on the desktop start menu and search for the control panel.
  2. Open the wireless setting option in the control panel.
  3. Click on hp envy 5055 wireless setup wizard and hold for a while.
  4. Next, Wizard turn on the printer WiFi.
  5. It will scan the available network automatically and list then on the printers’ LED display.
  6. Next, activate the router and connect with a wireless point that must have a good network connection.
  7. Check either the auto-connect option is activated or not.
  8. If the auto-connect mode is off then check the network name on the list.
  9. Scroll the list and click on your wireless network and print is ready to use.

Note: The printer light will turn into blue color when envy is connected with a wireless printer.

How to setup hp envy 5055 wireless printer on mac

  1. Check network router is working properly.
  2. Now go to the mac pro menu and then printer setting.
  3. Now open the wizard to search for the available network.
  4. On the printer select setup, network, or wireless menu.
  5. click on wireless wizard setup, and follow the mac screen instruction to setup hp envy 5055.
  6. Now press and hold the wireless button for a while and check light is blinking.
  7. Press the WPS button on your router, and wait to connect the printer with the network.
  8. Try a USB connection to connect with the rear printer and available to the port on the computer.
  9. Wired Ethernet network connection and again search for an available network on the port.
  10.  The printer indicates the green light that is a sign of connecting the printer with mac.

Therefore, Hp envy 5055 printers can be set up on mac using Air-print from the mac menu to system preferences then Print&Scan. Add a printer or scanner again and Confirm Air Print and try to print.