Initial step of setting up a printer like  123 hp com setup 2600 manually is an easy process to carry out. The setup needs only a few steps. The steps are—

  • First of all remove the printer from the box and remove all stickers and tapes.
  • Bring down the output tray and lower the ink cartridge door and open it.
  • Take out all the hardware and other materials before you discard off your box.
Power cord—
  • Connect your printer to a power outlet.
  • Plug its other end to the back of the printer.
  • Turn on the printer by pressing the power printer. 
Install the cartridges—
  • Remove the cartridges from the package.
  • Touch only the black cartridges.
  • Pull out the plastic tape.
  • Hold your cartridges by its sides, insert the cartridges and push the cartridges inside.
  • The colored ink cartridges should be placed on the left and the black cartridges on the right side.
  • Then close the output tray. 
  • Pull out the input tray. Set the paper width guide to the left.
  • Load some papers in the input tray.
  • Then set the paper width guide to the right.
  • Then lower the output tray. 
Printer software—
  • The hp printer software has now been setup and the printing software can be installed.
  • Do not try to connect the printer to your device till the time you get an instruction in the printing software.

Steps to setup 123 hp com 2600 (wireless)

Easy and certified steps are mentioned below for setup an hp printer 2600 deskjet wireless. in windows and fix hp printer offline problems also

  1. The first thing is to setup the printer manually.
  2. It includes filling ink cartridges, loading paper, making changes in the settings etc. 
  3. Now connect your device or computer to a proper functional wi-fi network.
  4. Power ON the router and the computer.
  5. Then check if the printer is properly connected to the wi-fi network.
  6. Place the printer near the router during this setup. 
  7. Then download the printer software.
  8. Select your printer from the printers list and select continue.
  9. Now click the wireless option. Select continue and perform the instructions for the setup.
  10. Now turn on the wi-fi option by opening the display panel and clicking on the wi-fi direct option. 
  11. Choose the printer’s name from the available wi-fi networks. Then type your password to connect it. 

Tips and tricks to setup 123 hp com 2600 wireless on Mac OS X

It is being an easy task to setup 123 hp com 2600 desk-jet wireless on mac version. Follow the technical guideline below and setup your hp printer 2600 deskjet.

the steps to setup wireless printer on Mac OS X are—

    1. The primary thing is to do a manual setup for the printer.
    2. You need to perform steps like fill the ink cartridges, load A4 size papers, change the settings from the control panel etc. 
    3. Check the power supply and the network connection.
    4. Check the USB cables and the power cords.
    5. They also need to be checked before moving forward.
    6. Install the HP Easy Start on your device.
    7. Then carry out the setup and installation process.
    8. Then select to set up my printer. then click on accept.
    9. Then prepare the windows and click continue. 
    10. The power button must be lit up bright and the light showing the wireless connection should be blinking.
    11. If the light is a bit low or not lit up, you need to check the connections properly. 
    12. Find your printer’s name in the printers list.
    13. Select the name and click continue. 
    14. When you see your printer’s name(SSID), click on join buttons
    15. While your computer tries to establish the connection, the computer will be temporarily disconnected during this setup 
    16. Then fill your will see a check mark if your connection is established.
    17. Now click continue.
    18. Print a test page to check the setup and click continue to verify .